Ant library

argentine ant


This is the most common ant in California. You've probably seen these ants around your home, both inside and out!

carpenter ant


You've probably seen these ants around tree stumps or dead logs. They have been known to damage homes as well. Watch our for their bite, it hurts!

Velvety tree ant


These ants not only overwhelm your trees, but they can find their way into your homes. The may look cute and fuzzy, but they can sure bite!

pharaoh ant


These ants are a nightmare to get rid of. They practice a defense mechanism of "satelliting their colony" to create more hives around your home to assure their survival.

pavement ant


These are the ants that you'd probably see in your driveway or sidewalk. They can sting, but will likely choose not to.

crazy ant


These are the ants that go absolutely crazy when you disturb their trail. They zoom like a race car! 

What we do for ants

We utilize many different service methods when it comes to ants. Whether it is baiting or spraying, we do it all until these pests are out of your home for good. We recommend you start of with one of our reoccurring services such as our promotional spray only service starting at $50 a service. This type of service keeps your home protected year-round!