bed bugs

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Bed bugs are serious

Bed bugs are a serious pest that can infest you and your family for years. They are hard to detect and infestations can go months without being noticed, meaning it can be too late before you notice you have them!

Bed Bugs Are excellent hitch hikers

Bed bugs are known to go from one house to another through shoes, clothes, bedding, and furniture. That is the most likely way they'd come into your home. So next time you have a sleepover, just know there is a chance a little bed bug is coming over!

Here are some creepy facts!

  • Bed bugs can go dormant for up to a year! This means they can be hiding inside some of your storage or bags, just waiting for you to let them free.
  • Bed bugs ONLY go for humans. They followed humans long ago out of the caves and have stuck with them for the many centuries that have passed.
  • Bed bug bites may vary, meaning if you get bitten, you may not notice at all. Other people that get bitten can have severe reactions.

we have a proven treatment to get bed bugs our of your home fast

We've trained our technicians to preform a treatment that gets control of bed bugs fast. We do an initial treatment severely knocking down their population, then continue to keep control by monitoring your home for many months after.

bed bug prep-sheet

Bed Bug Prep-sheet (pdf)