cockroach library (we DIDN'T name them)

American cockroach


These are the giant roaches you see in your bathroom. They come out of the sewers and pipes. They can get so big that their poop can be mistaken for mice poop!

turkestan cockroach


This cockroach is taking over California with flying colors. They are newer to the area but sure can multiply fast. You will find these roaches around your home hiding in cracks and crevices or hiding in humid-dark areas.

oriental cockroach


This is the roach you find in your flower bed and backyard. They tend to stay outside for the most part.

german cockroach


The big bad cockroach that infests your kitchen. If you are seeing these cockroaches in your home get treatment ASAP! We can get rid of these roaches for you!

What we do for cockroaches

"Cockroaches can survive a nuclear bomb."  Well, they can't survive ProServ Pest Management! We have numerous ways of ridding roaches from your home. Whether it be kicking them out of your kitchen or evicting them from your garage we got your back. Our services are designed to take and keep control. Indoor roaches require a more extensive service, so be sure to mention it when you reach out to us!