General pests (no, not your mother IN-LAW)



You probably see these pests creeping around your bathroom or kitchen. They are mostly harmless but can intimidate you with that massive pincer!

boxelder bug


These bugs can invade and take over your backyard. Their hot spots are usually near dead plants and vegetation. 

stink bug


You may find this guy wandering in your home by accident. These bugs are a decent size and could pack a punch (of stink).



These pests are probably in your attic or in an old book shelve eating away at your books and paper.

house centipede


Don't let their name fool you, these centipedes are a walking nightmare! You've probably seen them zipping across your garage or (if unlucky) your home!

Field cricket


This cricket may have a nice chime at night, but they wander into your home, then their chime becomes annoying! You may see these pests constantly, especially if you live near of field.

General pests? no problem!

Our reoccurring services pretty much handle any pest you can think of. We use insect monitors, residual spraying, and interior treatments to assure your home stays pest free!