rat library

Roof Rat


You may have heard these rats in your attic. They climb trees and use fence lines to get to your home. You can tell it is a roof rat by its long tail, which is longer than its body!

norway rat


These rats are much larger than roof rats and can be differentiated by their short and stubby tail. They like to stick to the ground and are likely poking around under your home.

house mouse


Don't let this cute little mouse fool you, they're nasty-bacteria carrying bad boys. The usually nest in your wall or around our kitchen appliances. You'll usually find them in your kitchen.

deer mouse


These mice are usually outdoors but can find their way onto your property. They are a little different from the house mouse, but carry some nasty things like the Hantavirus.

How we CONTROL rodents

We offer a wide range of methods to gain control of a rodent infestation. We use bait stations to provide year-round control for rodents that wander around your property. We provide rodent exclusion services, sealing up your home so rats and mice cannot get into it. This is followed by our trapping, we will trap rodent and dispose of them to make sure your home is rodent free!