spider library

black widow spider


This is one scary spider. With venom strong enough to take down a human, they are a force to be reckon with. Do not attempt to disturb this spider, our technician will get rid of them for you.

Cellar spider


This is a very common spider you find inside your home or your garage. They are infamous for make messy webs that eventually get dusty. They are pretty much harmless.

jumping spider


You will see this spider  hunting around your backyard. They are fast and can jump great distances!

wolf spider


This spider doesn't make a web, instead it hunts its prey by chasing it down. They sure look scary too!

Orb Weaver spider


This spider is HUGE. You will see them craft massive webs around your home and you can usually find them relaxing in the middle of it.

what we do for spiders

Spiders are a scary pest and can be very dangerous as well. We have great spider control by utilizing residual sprays and web removal. The perfect service for complete spider control (and just about any other pest) is our bi-monthly premium pest control. You will not have to worry about your spiders year-round! Ask about it when signing up!