wasp library

paper wasp


Paper wasps pack a punch with their stinger, but are not the most aggressive wasp. You can find these pests making hives in your roof eaves.

mud dauber wasp


Seeing strange patches of mud attached to your wall? Well that is a mud dauber. This insect is solitary and hunts insects for its young, which is tucked inside the mud nest. They rarely sting humans.

cicada killer wasps


This wasp is big and scary. You may not encounter them too often around your home, but we will get rid of it if it does come around!

yellow-jack wasp


This is the mean wasp of the family. They will fight you for your food and try to bully you around your own home! They are fast and pack a nasty bite and a painful sting. DO NOT try to eliminate these wasps on your own, wait for your technician to do it.

Wasps are easy. Let's get rid of them for you!